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Get involved and you can take part in the coolest project on the planet!

There is a lot you can do, no matter how big or small you are! Share the idea with your friends. Spreading the word is no less critical than thermodynamic diagrams. To get involved as many people as you can, use a snowball effect. Donate if you c

an. This is not about how much you can pay, its about how many people supports the project. If you are professional help us to get the project running. Help us to run some cool and very nerdy research on supercritical fluids thermodynamics, help us engineer the most efficient power turbines, help us with environmental research, with hardcore power engineering, geology and mining and many more. Share a link to:

Post it on your Facebook, twitter and other social media accounts and spread the word about it. No need a great deal of advertising, just post it with comment saying something like: “This guy is playing with thermodynamics of supercritical fluids to beat global warming and make electricity cheaper.”

This way you will help to raise money needed for the project. But it is also very important, to bring it to attention of people who work in all of this industries that will make a use of it.

Are you  professional?

Adaptation of the basic scheme of the installation for individual applications in various industries and in different climatic zones requires a lot of research and design work, therefore I am looking for people from organizations and institutions which would likely participate in this project.

I would like to cooperate especially with universities and engineering research units specializing in research on:

  • Thermodynamic cycles

  • Heat pumps and heat recovery systems
  • Power generation especially Rankine’s cycle and hydroelectric plants
  • Climate and environmental research
  • Process engineering for the steel, chemical and petrochemical industries also the mining industry

I am looking for investors interested in the project, both companies looking for energy savings and application of green technologies in their production processes, and investors interested in investing capital in technologies of the future.

You can also support the protection and recovery of the natural environment by donating to the Reverse Global Warming campaign on GoFundMe’s website.

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